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Maxi skips are the largest option available in skip hire services, and they can be extremely helpful when dealing with large amounts of waste or debris. In this article, we’ll discuss what maxi skips are, how they differ from other types of skip hires, and some tips on how to make the most out of your maxi skip hire experience. Read on to learn more!

A maxi skip is a large, heavy-duty container used for waste disposal. They are typically used on construction sites or for major home renovations. Maxi skips come in a variety of sizes, but they are all larger and sturdier than standard residential garbage bins.

Maxi Skip Hire Sizes and Prices

A maxi skip is a large container used for holding waste. They are often seen on construction sites or outside of commercial buildings. Maxi skips come in a variety of sizes, the most common being 10-yard skips. Other sizes include 12-yard skips, 14-yard skips, 16-yard skips and 18-yard skips. The size of the skip you need will depend on the amount of waste you have. Maxi skip hire prices can vary depending on a number of factors, but you can expect to pay between £100 and £200 for a standard skip. The price will usually include delivery and collection, but it’s always worth checking before you book.

10 Yard Maxi Skip

At 10 Yard Maxi, we have a range of skips for hire that are perfect for both domestic and commercial use. Our skip sizes start at 4 yards and go up to 40 yards, so you can be sure to find the right size for your needs. We also offer a range of mini and midi skips for smaller projects. Prices start at £60 per week for our 4 yard skip, and we offer discounts.

Skip Hire Wolverhampton

12 Yard Maxi Skip

Our 12 yard maxi skip is ideal for commercial or domestic projects that generate a large amount of waste. It has a capacity of up to 12 cubic yards, which is equivalent to around 30 bin bags. This makes it perfect for larger projects such as office clearances, shop fit-outs, or garden landscaping. The price of our 12 yard maxi skip hire starts at £300 .

14 yard Maxi Skip

The 14 yard maxi skip is one of the largest. This size skip is ideal for large-scale commercial or industrial projects, as it can hold a huge amount of waste. The 14 yard maxi skip is also great for domestic projects such as home renovations or large clean-ups. Prices for this size skip start at around £325, depending on the location.

16 Yard Midi Skip Hire

Our 16 Yard Maxis are perfect for larger projects, such as commercial or industrial waste disposal, construction site waste management, or even just a large home renovation. Whatever your project, we can provide you with a skip that will make light work of it.

Skip Hire Wolverhampton

18 yard Midi Skip Hire

18 Yard Maxi Skip Hire is a company that provides skip hire services. They offer a variety of sizes and prices for their services. The 18 yard maxi skip is their largest size and is perfect for larger projects. It can hold up to 18 cubic yards of waste and is priced at £420 per week


Maxi skips are better suited for larger projects, such as renovating a property or clearing out a commercial premises. They’re also ideal if you have a lot of heavy waste, such as concrete or bricks. Mini skips, on the other hand, are better for smaller projects, such as spring cleaning your home or doing some light gardening work. Generally speaking, maxi skips are more expensive than mini skips. This is because they’re larger and can hold more waste.


a maxi skip can hold up to 16 cubic yards of waste, while a midi skip can hold up to 8 cubic yards. If you have a large amount of waste to remove, then a maxi skip will be the better option. a maxi skip can hold up to 4 tonnes of waste, while a midi skip can hold up to 2 tonnes. If you have heavy waste such as construction materials or garden waste, then a maxi skip will be able to handle it.

Maxi Skip Hire Benefits


Maxi skips can hold a lot of waste. This means that you can clear out a large area in one go, without having to make multiple trips to the dump.


Maxi skips are typically more affordable than their larger counterparts. This makes them a great option for those working within a tight budget. Maxi skips are affordable. Skip hire near me is generally very cost-effective, but maxi skips offer even better value for money thanks to their larger capacity.


Maxi skips are perfect for construction sites and other commercial properties. They can hold a lot of heavy waste, such as bricks and concrete, which would be difficult to dispose of using smaller skips.

Environmentally friendly

When disposed of correctly, maxi skips can help reduce your carbon footprint. Many companies also recycle the waste collected in their skips, further minimizing environmental impact.


Maxi skips can be used for a variety of purposes, from clearing out garden waste to disposing of household junk. Maxi skips are easy to load. You can simply wheel them into place and start filling them up with waste. There’s no need for special equipment or lifting gear.