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Skip Hire Wolverhampton is a reliable skip hire service provider in the UK with qualitative and durable waste-collecting skips. We always believed in serving the best skip hire in Wolverhampton. Our company has numerous sizes of skips springing from 2-yard up to 40-yards.

Moreover, our company complies with all environmental regulations issued by the Environment Protection Agency of the UK. Our price rates are much lower compared to the competitors. Besides, we have shared all the details of waste collected and discarded with the relevant customers. What are you waiting for? Choose us and let us relieve you from waste management.

Why Choose Us

Cheap Skip Hire Wolverhampton Best Services

If you are looking for the best and quick skip hire services, then you are at absolutely right place. Our company is one of the best skip supplier company in the Local Market as well as in the whole UK. Our below features will help you to clear the question “Why choose us?”. 


Regardless of the type of waste, we propose a solution to get rid of it with ease. Our skip hire near me services are accessible all over the region in all proportions at affordable price.


Besides, of the skip’s size, our transport system is reachable in every place and area. Wolverhampton Skip Hire is good in quality and best in price compared to all other waste management companies.


Our company has a stable transportation system and provides skips hiring services within the narrowest possible time. Our team will place the container in the nominated area and remove the waste once filled.

Our Top-Rated Services

Skip Hire Wolverhampton Sizes

Determination of final skip size depends on the type and volume of the waste. We are providing skip hire in all over the Wolverhampton to collect diverse types of garbage materials. Our skip sizes start from 2-yards skip hire, and a maximum of 40-yards skip hire in Wolverhampton.


Mini Skip Hire Wolverhampton

Mini skips are useful for household and domestic wastes. However, it can also be helpful for mini projects and DIY jobs. The mini skip consists of two containers; a 2-yard mini skip and a 3-yards mini skip. These are the cheapest and widely used skips in residential and commercial areas.

Skip Hire Wolverhampton


Midi Skip Hire Wolverhampton

It is the second type of skips and comprises the 4-yard skip, and 5-yards skip. It is useful to collect waste from residential areas, small garden cleaning, and scrap collection after renovation. Midi skips are also helpful as a backup for significant waste collection renovation, refurbishment, and clearance projects.


Builder Skip Hire Wolverhampton

These skips are famous large-sized waste containers, often used by constructors and builders in the United Kingdom. There are two types of builder skip named, and sizes are in the yard is 6 and 8. Due to being more significant, it has adequate strength and also complying with safety standards.


Maxi Skip Hire Wolverhampton

Maxi skips are customarily helpful to collect bricks, soils, heavy material, and other scraps. They are commonly useful for the renovation of houses and under construction building projects. 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18-yards skips fall under the maxi skips and available at cheap skip hire prices, in our stock in abundance.


Roro Skip Hire Wolverhampton

RORO skips are the most extensive types of Skip hire in Wolverhampton. Meanwhile, such skips are frequently helpful for construction and industrial sites. Its features make it more viable among the users as it saves time in loading waste to the container. RORO skips include; 20, 25, 30, and 40-yards skips.


Lockable Skip Hire Wolverhampton

Large size skips with lids are also available in our store. These types of skips are mostly hire when it is necessary to dispose of the dangerous waste. By using lockable skips, we can ensure the environment protection. Lockable skips are a little more expensive than unlockable ones.

Lockable Skip Hire Wolverhampton

Our Salient Features

Cheap Skip Hire Wolverhampton Prices

Due to specific rules of waste management in the UK, it has become a necessity of life. You can hire a skip from us at very cheap rates with service excellence. Cheap Skip Hire Wolverhampton prices are comparable with our competitors. Despite the low prices, we have maintained the quality of the skips.

2 Yard Skip

It is ever-small size waste container available in our stock. Residential areas use it for waste collection and storage. Small DIY project runners sometimes rent 2-yard skips for waste collection.

3 Yard Skip

Second mini skip and used for the domestic and mini-workshops waste. The price is considerable, and you can place it inside your shops or house. In this way, you can save your money.

4 Yard Skip

4-yard skip is under the midi skips category. The customer rents it at the time of kitchen and bathroom renovation. Cheap in price and enough to carry such mixed types of waste.

5 Yard Skip

The second type of midi skips can hold some odd kind of waste like bricks and wet mud. If you intend to extend your garden or redesign it or other such type of work, this is suitable for such waste.

6 Yard Skip

It is the first type of large size skip, which is also known as builder skip. As the name indicates, used for construction wastes. We are providing eco-friendly skips at low prices.

8 Yard Skip

8-yard skip the second builder skip and slightly more significant than the 6-yard skip. It is typical for industrial waste collection also for construction waste. Good in strength and enough to hold the bulky nature of garbage.

10 Yard Skip

The smallest maxi skip is a 10-yard skip used for large projects and moves out the rubbish collection. Sometimes also hired at the time of seasonal cleaning and maintenance of houses.

12 Yard Skip

If you are looking for a large to extra-large skip for your waste, then 12-yard skip hire is fallen under such category, made for the collection of waste from commercial buildings, schools, universities, and villas.

14 Yard Skip

It is the third type of maxi skips and suitable for waste produced from office renovation, mini shop construction, and road maintenance. Contact us for quotations and other services.

16 Yard Skip

It is the largest maxi skip and can collect the multi-type of waste. Its dimensions and strength made it promising for construction waste. We are providing 16-yard skip all around the Wolverhampton.

18 Yard Skip

An ideal type of maxi skip is an 18-yard skip because it treats any kind of waste collection. Due to its dimensions, you can also dump waste, which requires large space like frames of doors, etc.

20 Yard Skip

Smallest RORO skips and less in cost as compared to other sizes of RORO containers. It can contain all types of trash produced from commercial plazas, official buildings, and manufacturing industries.

25 Yard Skip

The 25-yard skip has a two-sided filling feature, which dominated it over other types of RORO skips. If you want to save your time and hurry, just hire this, skip because it requires less time to load the waste.

30 Yard Skip

The most acceptable type of RORO skips and used to collect waste from housing projects, global conferences, and commercial buildings. Contact us for more details and requirements applied to this skip.

40 Yard Skip

It is the enormous size of skip that is available in our stock for our customers. It requires unique space for its placement and intimates us timely if you do not have enough room for its allocation.


Do you want to hire a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective skip hire service provider in your town? We are here to resolve your waste handling issue at fewer prices with super services. We are enthusiastic and innovate new ideas to resolve the query of our customers.

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I needed a container for the removal of waste from my garden. Wolverhampton assisted me with technical attributes and the final selection of skip. They also support me in the placement of a skip inside my house and respond quickly to my request.

Andrew Flintoff

Wonderful services. I am feeling very relieved that finally, I found you near my location. The procedure was straightforward and short. I strongly recommend them to skip hiring services in my town.

Ashly Giles

I was planning to renovate my house for my wedding. Besides, do not have any idea about the waste that will result from this renovation. Wolverhampton supports me in the selection of a skip. They also keep me with the procedure to acquire a permit from my local administration.

David Dowson